The Region's Only Shabby Paints Retailer

We’re proud to offer an extensive line of products that include Chalk-Acrylic paint, Shimmer paint, Shimmer glaze, and Shabby's own ground breaking formula…VAX.  Invented by Shabby Paints, VAX is a revolutionary protective finish, that has the matte finish of wax but the lasting protection of Varnish. Never buff or reapply again! As you might expect, our products offer the same advantages as some of the more expensive boutique brands: no sanding, no priming, coverage in 1-2 coats and incredible adhesion to any surface.


  • Our products are completely non-toxic, and VOC-Free, making them 100 % safe.

  • Our products are made exclusively in the U.S.A.

  • We never participate in animal testing and our products contain no animal by-products.

  • Our retail prices are currently the lowest on the boutique paint market.

  • We are the exclusive retailers of VAX, the revolutionary new varnish/wax combination.

  • Our products come in over 40 vibrant and easy-to-use styles and colors.

  • Our goal is to be inclusive, rather than exclusive, working together as a community.


2015 Current Paint Colors

Using Shabby

We are happy to teach each customer the time-tested techniques to using Shabby Paints, Vax and other Shabby products. Please visit our store to purchase paint or visit the CONTACT US page to call or email with specific questions.